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choking Victim Discography 320KBPS MEGA

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DOWNLOAD choking Victim Discography MEGA 320kbps (1990 – 2012) MEGA


Choking Victim was a punk rock band formed in New York City in the early 1990s. The band, known for their aggressive sound and politically charged lyrics, consisted of lead vocalist and guitarist Scott Sturgeon (aka Stza Crack), bassist Alec Baillie, and drummer Skwert. Choking Victim’s music blended elements of punk, ska, and hardcore, creating a unique and energetic sound. The band gained a dedicated following with their intense live performances and their DIY approach to music. Their lyrics often tackled social and political issues, addressing topics such as poverty, racism, and government corruption. Choking Victim’s songs were characterized by dark humor and biting satire, offering a scathing critique of society.

Despite their short-lived existence, Choking Victim made a significant impact on the punk scene. They released a handful of influential recordings, including their debut album “No Gods, No Managers” in 1999, which became a cult classic. The band disbanded shortly after its release, but their legacy continued to resonate with fans. Following their breakup, members of Choking Victim went on to form other notable bands such as Leftöver Crack and INDK, further cementing their influence in the punk community. Choking Victim’s music continues to inspire and resonate with fans who appreciate their raw energy, thought-provoking lyrics, and unapologetic attitude. – choking Victim Discography.

General Information

Country: United States
Genre(s) Punk Rock / Ska
Format: MP3
Length: 04:23:15
Bitrate: 128-320kbps
Size: 1.55 GB (Gigabytes)
Container: RAR
Band’s Info: choking Victim on Facebook

choking Victim’s Albums Mp3

1993 – Crack Rock Steady Demo (192kbps)

01 Money
02 You Outta Die
03 500 Channels
04 Choking Victim
05 Fuck America
06 Apple Pie & Police State
07 Hate Yer State
08 Corporate Tra$h
09 War Story

1996 – Squatta’s Paradise (256kbps)

01 Choking Victim
02 You Oughtta Die
03 Money
04 Apple Pie & Police State
05 Infested
06 Death Song
07 Born To Die
08 Suicide

1997 – Victim Comes Alive [EP] (192kbps)

01 Hate Yer State
02 Fucked Reality

1999 – No Gods – No Managers (234-320kbps)

01 500 Channels
02 In Hell
03 Crack Rock Steady
04 Suicide
05 In My Grave
06 Fucked Reality
07 Money
08 Hate Yer State
09 Fuck America
10 War Story
11 Five Finger Discount
12 Praise To The Sinners
13 Living The Laws

2002 – Songs In The Key Of Lice – A Tribute To Choking Victim (128-192kbps)

Bomb Scare – Sweet Dreams
Brigands – Hate Yer State
Dalys Gone Wrong – 500 Channels
His Unconquerable Enemy – 500 Channels
His Unconquerable Enemy – Suicide
Leprephiliac – You Oughta Die
Loiter Cognition – Born To Die
Meka – Praise To The Sinners
Moral Decay – Money
Moral Decay + Revolt and Reject – Crack Rock Steady
My Own Religion – Fucked Reality
Paroxysm – In Hell
Pocket Pool – Suicide
Principle of Murder – Living The Laws
Revolt And Reject – Apple Pie and Police State
Ruksac – Death Song
SOIP – Infested
Team Spider – Corporate Trash
The Foamers – In My Grave
Union Jack – Choking Victim
Union Jack – In My Grave (Acoustic)
War Against Reason – War Story
Who Am I – Money Changes Everything

2005 – Christmas With The Victim (224-256kbps)

tstv intro
apple pie and police state
call 1
money changes everything
calls 2
500 channels
500 channels (in studio)

2008 – VA Tribute To Choking Victim

1. Kobayes – Infested
2. Ton Dragon – Death song
3. Brain Dead – Suicide
4. Guerilla Poubelle – 500 channels
5. Mad Security Company – In hell
6. The Foamers – In my grave
7. Union Jack – Money changes everything
8. Splitside – Apple pie & police state
9. Body Bag – Fuck america
10. Antimaniax – War story
11. Skapsom – Hate yer state
12. Off Your Head – Money
13. The Gerbs – Five finger discount
14. Butter Beans – Born to die
15. Black Sheep – Fucked reality
16. Team Spider – Corporate trash
17. The Culprits – Choking victim
18. The Glowing Beavers – Crack rock steady
00. GaAah – Living the la

Unreleased (192kbps)

Money Changes Everything
Corporate Trash
Crack Rock Steady 2
Fuck America
Hate Yer State
Sweet Dreams






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