Have a Rock Music Request? yu can comment in this page and i’ll be uploading tthe material requested if i cant get it first. Be reasonable. you can request again after you initial request has been accomplish. Just follow this simple format:

Band or Artist name – Release:

example: Kansas – Discography

102 Replies to “Rock Request

  1. Hi, bro! It’s me again!! )
    First of all, I would like to thank you very much for always reply my requests!
    In a second place, I would like to ask if you could bring some brazilian rock bands discography.
    I have some nice ones to request, but I dont know if there would be very popular and have many downloads. What do you think?

  2. Hi, bro.
    If possible, bring AC/DC discography, please.
    If its to big, bring only the albums, not singles, EPs, bootlegs, etc.

  3. Hi, bro!
    I know it ‘s not everyone who likes them, but could you, please, bring Creed discography?

  4. Hey, bro, good morning!
    I don’t if this band is considered as rock, but could you, please, bring The Prodigy discography?
    Thanx! 🙂

  5. Hi, bro.
    To make par with Creed, could you, please, bring Nickelback discography? I think its not gonna be that big…. 😅

      1. Thanks. Didn’t expect you to be so fast. Awesome upload. Lynch Mob would be a great addition as well 🙂

  6. Hi, brother.
    For another request, could you, please, bring “3 Doors Down” discography?

  7. Hi bro, first of all i’d like to congratulate you for such an amazing site like this, keep it up dude! and second, here’s my request…could you please get and upload the “Krokus” discography? Thanks a lot in advance

  8. Hi, bro!!
    Could you, please, bring “The Sisters of Mercy” discography? Thanx again!!

    By the way, Im facing that issue that turns the page Im on into another one to atualize the device… at cellphone and notebook… I’ve already cleared he cache and it still goes on…


      Ithink you clicked an ad. i brow a litle to check if browsing normally chnge the page but no. after clean cookies and temp from browser.. try to clean pc temp.

      you can access %temp& and delete all

  9. Hi bro!!
    The singer Edu Falaschi (ex-Angra) released a DVD called Temple of Shadows In Concert. If you could provide the dwnload for us, I would be very greatfull! =)
    It can be the RIP, not the dvd-r… whats easier for you.

    Thanx again!!

    1. domain expired. but i will change it to another cause its expensive on the second year. and not wortyh it. so better i starto over a new domain. soon

  10. Hi, bro!!
    Just as a suggestion, how about bring to us some movies soundtracks? You could begin with Marvel and DC movies, that are in hype, but bring some old movies soundtracks that have rock tracks too. Just an idea. =)

  11. Hello bro, it’s me again. Thanks a lot for the Krokus discography, I really love and enjoy your site as much as the discographies you upload. Would it be possible you could get the Judas Priest discography whenever you can? I’ll be expectant to any news. Thanks as always and take care.

  12. Hi Admin !

    Do you know SPAN, a norwegian rock band ?
    They released 2 albums :
    – Mass Distraction (2003)
    – Vs. Time (2005)
    If you find it, don’t hesitate : it’s great !
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi, bro! How are things going?
    Could you, please, search again for Edu Falaschi’s Temple of Shadows In Concert DVD?

    Thanx! 😊

    1. Hello, Sergio!
      We have not “some” material, but “all” material at our friend’s main site: metalminos.net . I just don’t know if the links are on…

      Leon is because of Resident Evil? ☺

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