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 Mortiis Discography 320KBPS Google Drive

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Mortiis is an industrial rock band from Notodden, Norway led by Håvard Ellefsen, who is also known by the name of the band. The name is a misspelling of the word death in Latin mortis, which is the pronunciation given to the band. Mortiis began as Ellefsen’s solo project, this project has changed over time to slowly become a band.

A characteristic of Mortiis is their constant change that affects both their musical style and image, which are directly influenced by the society around them and their feelings. Mortiis Discography 320 kbps

General Information

Country: United Kingdom
Genre(s): Industrial Rock / Dark Wave / Dark Ambient
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 3.37 Gigabyte
Container: RAR
Container: Google Drive, Mega & Uploaded
Band’s Info: Mortiis Facebook

Mortiis Discography Content List

1993 – Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost (Demo) (192 kbps)
1993 (2018) – The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost
1994 – Fodt Til A Herske
1995 – Anden som Gjorde Oppror
1995 – Ånden som Gjorde Opprør (Remastered)
1995 – Keiser Av En Dimension Ukjent
1996 – Blood and Thunder (Single)
1996 – Crypt of the Wizard
1999 – The Stargate
2001 (2019) – The Smell of Rain (Special Version with Demo Tracks)
2002 – The Smell Of Rain (Limited Reissue)
2004 – The Grudge
2004 – The Grudge (Single)
2005 – Decadent and Desperate (Single)
2005 – Soul In a Hole (133-233 kbps)
2007 – Some Kind of Heroin
2009 -Too Little Too Late (Single)
2011 – Perfectly Defect (Extended Version – 2011)
2012 – Vardoger (Single)
2015 – Doppelganger
2016 – Geisteskrank (EP)
2016 – The Great Deceiver
2016 – The Shining Lamp of God (EP)
2016 – Throe (EP)
2017 – The Great Corrupter
2017 – The Great Leap (Single)
2017 – The Unraveling Mind
2018 – Perfectly Defect
2018 – The Perfect Reject
2019 – Demons Are Back
2019 – Live in London
2020 – Spirit of Rebellion
2020 – The Die Krupps, Leæther Strip & Zensor Remixes (EP)
2020 – The Great Leap



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