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Rage Against the Machine Discography Download MEGA 320kbps (1971 – 2029)


Rage Against the Machine (R.A.T.M.) is an American musical group. Formed in 1990 by Tom Morello and Zack de la Rocha. Along with Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk, the group played throughout the 1990s until its dissolution in 2000. They then took an indefinite break, until in early 2007 and coinciding with the dissolution of Audioslave, they announced their return at the Coachella festival in California to give a series of concerts, although the possibility of releasing a new album is not ruled out.

Their signature style is a solid fusion of hip hop, rap, funk, punk, hardcore, and hard rock. Tom Morello’s guitar solos are highlighted by his prominent use of pedals and effects, and his emulations of scratch and other hip hop DJ effects stand out.

As for the group’s influences, Zack de la Rocha (a political science graduate from the University of Chicago) participated in punk and hardcore metal bands before becoming passionate about rap rhymes: hence his aggressive rapping style and the loud screams he includes in some songs. There is also a little touch of jazz from bassist Tim Commerford, who belonged to a jazz band in the mid-1980s; finally, Brad Wilk’s drumming is loaded with particularly hard-hitting funk rhythms. This fusion style was later imitated by other bands, being attributed the label Rapcore or Rap metal.

General Information

Country: United States
Genre(s) Funk / Rap Rock / Alternative / Nu Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 14.58 Gigabyte
Container: RAR
Band’s Info: Rage Against the Machine Facebook

Rage Against the Machine’s Albums Mp3


1992. Rage Against The Machine (Australian Limited Edition) [1993, 483788 2] (00:53:01+00:20:09)
1996. Evil Empire [EK 57523] (00:46:41)
1999. The Battle Of Los Angeles (Australian Edition) [491993 2] (00:49:23)
2000. Renegades (Limited Edition) [EK 85296] (01:00:40+00:06:56)

Rage Against the Machine EPs, Singles

1992. Killing In The Name (CDS) [1993, 658492 2] (00:12:49)
1993. Bullet In The Head (CDSM) [659258 2] (00:21:38)
1993. Bombtrack (CDSM; Special Edition) [EPC 660314 2] (00:46:31)
1996. Bulls On Parade (CDS) [EPC 662990 1] (00:11:56)
1996. Evil Empire (Promo 7”) [ES7 7747] (00:08:06)
1996. People Of The Sun (CDSM) [EPC 663513 2] (00:10:29)
1997. People Of The Sun EP ‎(10”) [rev-56] (00:26:02)
1997. Vietnow (CDSM) [664777 2] (00:15:59)
1998. No Shelter (Promo CDS) [ESK 41210] (00:04:06)
1997. The Ghost Of Tom Joad (Promo CDS) [ESK 3455] (00:05:43)
1999. Clear The Lane / Hadda Be Playing On The Jukebox (Promo CDS) [ESK 46463] (00:11:52)
1999. Guerrilla Radio (CDS) [34K 79270] (00:07:34)
1999. Sleep Now In The Fire (CDSM; Australian Edition) [669160 2] (00:23:25)
2000. Testify (CDSM) [49K 79472] (00:24:07)


1992. Rage Against The Machine (Remastered Album) [2016, AFZ 244] (00:53:01)
1996. Evil Empire (Remastered Album) [2016, AFZ 254] (00:46:41)
1997. Live & Rare (Compilation) [SRCS 8361] (00:59:57)
2003. Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium (Live Album, Japanese Edition) [SICP-462] (01:19:31)
2012. Rage Against The Machine XX (Remastered Album; Special Edition) [88765412152] (01:10:51+00:55:53)
2018. Democratic National Convention 2000 (Live Album, 12”) [19075835041] (00:27:46)
2020. The Battle Of Mexico City (Live)




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