Krokus Discography (320 kbps) [MEGA]

Krokus Discography 320KBPS MEGA

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Krokus was formed in 1975 as a mainly progressive rock act. The group’s original singer, Peter Richard left before the first album was recorded, leaving lead guitarist Tommy Kiefer to handle vocal duties for the band’s self-titled debut album. However, Chris von Rohr, originally the drummer, switched to lead vocals for the follow-up record, remaining in this capacity in the 1970s (along with playing keyboards and percussion), with several new members, originally from the band Montezuma, also joining the lineup. With this incarnation, Krokus became a success in Switzerland, touring the country. After seeing AC/DC in concert in the late 1970s, they decided to change their musical direction and adopted a new sound that was strongly influenced by that band. Since von Rohr had limited vocal abilities and was not able to reach the third octave, the band decided to hire a new vocalist. Eventually, after trying several other front men, Marc Storace , before TEA and Eazy money, was hired in 1979. With the new lineup in place, the band recorded and released the metal album Cita in 1980, which was Krokus’ first hit and brought the band international recognition.

The 1981 follow-up album, Hardware, was recorded at the Roundhouse Studios in London and featured songs such as “Easy Rocker” and “Rock City”, which remain a part of the band’s live repertoire today. Lead guitarist Tommy Kiefer was forced to leave the band due to an early heroin addiction in hardware tour support and was replaced by newcomer Mandy Meyer (ex-BM Smith). Kiefer died on December 24, 1986. Meyer soon left, replaced by Mark Kohler, and teamed up with bassist Tommy Keiser (not to be confused with Tommy Kiefer) of fellow Swiss rockers Roxane to start his own band. Creating the headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, under the direction of the director of Krokus Butch Stone, the duo recruited former lead singer Jimi Jamison , supporting the guitarist/keyboardist take, and drummer Jeff Klaven and released their only album, First Strike , under the name Cobra in 1983. Klaven and Keiser would both later join Krokus. Meyer became part of Asia, although he was to return to the Krokus lineup a few years later. Jamison would also provide backing vocals on several Krokus albums before moving on to join the highly successful, surviving band. – Krokus Discography 320kbps

General Information

Country: Switzerland
Genre(s) Progressive Rock (early); Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 3.6 GigabyteS
Container: RAR
Container: MEGA, Mega & Uploaded
Band’s Info: Krokus Facebook

Krokus Discography Content List

Krokus tudio Albums

1976 – Krokus (VBR186-191Kbps) [00:35:43)
1977 – To You All [00:35:04)
1978 – Pay It In Metal [00:35:53)
1980 – Metal Rendez-vous [00:43:30)
1981 – Hardware [00:37:37)
1982 – One Vice At A Time [00:36:32)
1983 – Headhunter (Japan) [00:37:41)
1984 – The Blitz [00:38:40)
1986 – Change of Address [00:40:59)
1988 – Heart Attack [00:47:18)
1990 – Stampede [01:00:32)
1995 – To Rock Or Not To Be [01:01:02)
1999 – Round 13 [00:40:44)
2003 – Rock The Block [00:55:21)
2006 – Hellraiser (Japan, Xqan-1030) [00:59:38)
2010 – Hoodoo [00:42:53)
2013 – Dirty Dynamite [00:44:55)
2017 – BIG ROCKS [00:46:40)


1986 – Alive and Screaming [00:42:04)
2004 – Fire & Gasoline Live (2CD) [01:37:31)
2014 – Long Stick Goes Boom (Live From The House Of Rust) [1:10:24)
2021 – Adios Amigos Live @ Wacken


1989 – Stayed Awake All Night [00:45:00)
1993 – The Dirty Dozen (160Kbps) [01:09:48)
2000 – The Definitive Collection [01:03:33)
2003 – Long Stick Goes Boom [01:17:46)
2012 – Favorites (2 CD) [02:23:59)
2012 – – Original Album Classics [3CD Set)




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