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Limp Bizkit Discography Download MEGA 320kbps (1995 – 2021)

ABOUT Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit is an American nu-metal/rap-rock band formed in 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida. The current lineup includes Fred Durst (vocals), Wes Borland (guitar), Sam Rivers (bass), John Otto (drums) and DJ Lethal (DJing). Limp Bizkit became known for hard-hitting song themes, Fred Durst’s aggressive performance style, Wes Borland’s sonic experiments and intimidating stage persona, and detailed and spectacular live performances. The band has been nominated three times for a Grammy Award and has sold over 40 million copies of albums worldwide, of which 16.5 million in the United States.

Early on, Limp Bizkit gained some popularity in Jacksonville. The band later became famous in the United States, after the musicians signed with labels Interscope and Flip Records in 1997, which released the band’s debut studio album Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$. Limp Bizkit achieved considerable popularity both in America and around the world with the albums Significant Other (1999) and Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water (2000), subsequent concert tours, appearances at Woodstock ’99 and Big Day Out, which caused a lot of controversy among critics and journalists

General Information

Country: United States
Genre(s) Alternative / Nu Metal / Rap Rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Duration: 26:06:21
Size: 3.95 GB (Gigabytes)
Container: RAR
Band’s Info: Limp Bizkit on Facebook

Limp Bizkit’s Mp3 Albums

Studio albums

1997 – Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$ (Flip/Interscope Records, MVCT-24009, Japan)
1999 – Significant Other (Special Edition) (Flip/Interscope Records, 490 788-2, EU)
2000 – Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water
1.- (Clean Edition) (Flip/Interscope Records, 069490770-2, USA)
2.- (Limited Edition) (Flip/Interscope Records, Promo, 069490601-2, US)
3.- (Limited Edition) (Interscope Records, UICS-1003, Japan)
2003 – Results May Vary
1.- (Clean Edition) (Flip/Interscope Records, B0001236-02, U.S.A.)
2.- (Japanse Edition) (Flip/Interscope Records, UICS-1060, Japan)
2011 – Gold Cobra
1.- (Deluxe Version) (Flip/Interscope Records, DS6945-277 469-8, Korea)
2.- (Japanese Edition) (Flip/Interscope Records, UICS-1231, Japan)
2021 – Still Sucks (Suretone Records LLC, WEB)

Limp Bizkit Singles

1997 – Counterfeit / Nobody Loves Me (Interscope Records, Promo, INT5P-6194, USA)
1997 – Counterfeit Countdown (Flip/Interscope Records, MVCT-12003, Japan)
1999 – Nookie (Flip/Interscope Records, Promo, INT5P-6591, USA)
2000 – My Generation 2 Versions
2000 – My Generation / Rollin’ (Flip/Interscope Records, Promo, INTR-10200-2, USA)
2000 – N 2 Gether Now / Break Stuff (Flip/Interscope Records, 497 309-2, EU)
2000 – Re-Arranged (Flip/Interscope Records, 497 139-2, EU)
2000 – Rollin’2 versions
2000 – Take A Look Around 3 versions
2001 – Boiler 2 versions
2001 – My Way 2 versions
2003 – Behind Blue Eyes (Flip/Interscope Records, 9814745, Australia)
2003 – Eat You Alive 3 versions
2005 – Home Sweet Home / Bittersweet Symphony (Flip/Geffen Records, 0602498879207, EU)
2011 – Shotgun 2 versions
2011 – Gold Cobra (Flip/Interscope Records, Promo, None)
2013 – Thieves (WEB Release)
2013 – Ready To Go (Cash Money Records, WEB Release)
2014 – Endless Slaughter (WEB Release)
2021 – Dad Vibes (Suretone Records, WEB Release)

Extended play

2005 – The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) (Flip/Geffen Records, UICS-1101, Japan)

Promo albums

1995 – Mental Aquaducts (VBR, 128-192 kbps)
1996 – Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$
1999 – Rough (Pre-Release) (Promo, None)
2001 – Significant Demos In Hell (Limp Bizkit Demo Recordings, LB0C-98, EU)

Sampler albums

1999 – Significant Other (Sampler Album) (Flip/Interscope Records, Promo, BIZKIT 1, UK)
2000 – Instore Sampler (Flip/Interscope Records, Promo, BIZKIT 4, UK)
2001 – New Old Songs (Advance Album Sampler) (Flip/Interscope Records, Promo, ADVLB2, EU)
2001 – Style (W.W.S. Edition S.r.l., Promo, TRB0032, Italy)
2005 – Greatest Hitz (Album Sampler) (Flip/Geffen Records, Promo, LIMP1, EU)
Remix albums
2001 – New Old Songs (Flip/Interscope Records, UICS-1028, Japan)

Compilation albums

2005 – Greatest Hitz (Flip/Geffen Records, UICS-1107, Japan)
2008 – Collected (Spectrum Music, 5307086, EU)

Live albums

2008 – Rock Im Park 2001 (Charly Films LLC, F11033SF, EU)


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