The Kinks Discography 320 kbps [RAPIDGATOR]

 The Kinks Discography 320KBPS MEGA RAPIDGATOR

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DOWNLOAD The Kinks Discography 320 kbps MEGA (1964 – 2016) MEGA RAPIDGATOR


The Kinks was a British music group formed in London in the 1960s by brothers Ray and Dave Davies. From their first times they were very influenced by the Rock and roll and the American Rhythm & blues.

In 1964 they obtained his first Nº 1 in the British lists with ” You Really Got Me “, his most emblematic song, giving itself to know as part of the British Invasion in the United States (Nº 7 in Billboard) This song has remained as one of the most significant of the 60s and his sound is considered to be a precursor of the Hard rock. Other successes of this time were: the impressive “All The Day And All The Night” or “Louie Louie”.

The evolution as composer of Ray Davies, took the group to a second epoch with a much more British and Pop sound, which provided them with hits like “Sunny Afternoon” or “Waterloo Sunset”.

Perhaps their most emblematic album is ‘Arthur (Or The Decline and Fall of British Empire)’ from 1968, a concept album that includes their hit “Victoria”.

His work during these years has had a great influence on movements as different as Glam Rock, Punk, New Wave or Britpop, despite the fact that, in terms of popularity and support from his record company, they were always in the shadow of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or The Who.

In 1970 and after a period of lesser presence in the lists, they obtained their last nº 1 in the United Kingdom with the single “Lola”. Their problems with the Pye label led them to sign with RCA, initiating a phase characterized by rock with theatrical overtones. Due to the lack of promotional support, the group took a back seat, especially in their country, which made them move to the United States. There they signed with Arista, a record company with which they enjoyed a new period of success at the turn of the decade and the early 80’s, a success that was not repeated until their separation in 1997. The Kinks Discography 320 kbps

General Information

Country: United Kingdom
Genre(s): Classic Rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 10.04 Gigabyte
Container: RAR
Container: MEGA RAPIDGATOR, Mega & DDownload
Band’s Info: The Kinks FacebookThe Kinks Discography Content List

Studio Albums

1964 – Kinks (2004 CD Re – issue)
1965 – Kinks – Size (US only album)
1965 – Kinda Kinks
1965 – Kinda Kinks (CD re – issue)(256 kbps)
1965 – Kinkdom (US only album)
1965 – The Kink Kontroversy (2004 Remasrer)
1966 – Face To Face(2004 Remasrer)
1968 – Something Else By The Kinks
1968 – The Village Green Preservation Society (3CD Deluxe Edition 2004)
1969 – Arthur, Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire
1970 – Lola Versus Powerman And The Money Go Round
1971 – Muswell Hillbillies (2004 SACD)
1972 – Everybody’s In Show – Biz – (2004 SACD)
1973 – Preservation (Act 1)
1974 – Preservation (Act 2)
1975 – Soap Opera
1976 – Schoolboys in Disgrace
1977 – Sleepwalker
1978 – Misfits
1979 – Low Budget
1981 – Give The People What They Want (2004 SACD)
1983 – State Of Confusion (2004 SACD)
1984 – Word Of Mouth (2004 SACD)
1986 – Think Visual
1989 – UK Jive
1993 – Phobia
2016 – Everybody’s in Show – Biz (2 – CD Legacy Edition)

Live Albums

1968 – Live at Kelvin Hall
1971 – Percy (Soundtrack From The Film)
1980 – One For The Road
1989 – Live The Road – (128 kBit/s)
1996 – To The Bone (2CD)

Compilation Albums

1972 – The Kink Kronikles (2CD)
1990 – The EP Collection
1991 – The EP Collection Vol. Two
1997 – The Great Lost Kinks Album
2002 – The Ultimate Collection (2CD)
2004 – Come Dancing With The Kinks – The Best Of The Kinks 1977 – 1986 (SACD)
2008 – Picture Book (6CD)
2012 – Waterloo Sunset: The Best of The Kinks and Ray Davies
2014 – Classics: The Best Of The Kinks

2010-2013 The Kinks – Collection Albums 1964-1984 (28 SHM CD)

1964 (2011) – Kinks (2CD) – UICY-75025
1965 (2011) – Kinda Kinks (2CD) – UICY-75027/8
1965 (2011) – The Kink Kontroversy (2CD) – UICY-75029/30
1966 (2011) – Face To Face (2CD) – UICY-75098/9
1967 (2011) – Something Else (2CD) – UICY-75100/1
1968 (2010) – Are The Village Green Preservation Society (3CD) – UICY-75103/4
1969 (2011) – Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire (2CD) – UICY-75105/6
1970 (2010) – Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround Part One – UICY-20010
1971 (2013) – Muswell Hillbillies (2CD) UICY-75872/3
1973 (2010) – Preservation Act 1 – UICY-25358
1974 (2010) – Preservation Act 2 – UICY-25359
1975 (2010) – Schoolboys Iin Disgrace – UICY-25361
1975 (2010) – Soap Opera – UICY-25360
1977 (2010) – Sleepwalker – UICY-25362
1978 (2010) – Misfits – UICY-25363
1978 (2010) – Low Budget – UICY-25364
1981 (2010) – Give The People What They Want – UICY-25365
1983 (2010) – State Of Confusion – UICY-25366
1984 (2010) – Word Of Mouth – UICY-25367


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