The Mars Volta Discography 320 kbps [Google Drive]

The Mars Volta Discography 320KBPS Google Drive

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DOWNLOAD The Mars Volta Discography 320kbps MEGA (2003 – 2014) Google Drive


The Mars Volta was an American rock band from El Paso, Texas, founded by Cedric Bixler Zavala and Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez. They are generally classified within the experimental progressive rock. They are known for their wild and energetic live concerts, highly improvised and the presence of cryptic lyrics.

Born from the ashes of the post-hardcore band At The Drive-In and the instrumental Dub group called De Facto , the initial members of The Mars Volta were Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (Guitar), Cedric Bixler-Zavala (vocals), Jeremy Ward (keyboards and ambience), Juan Alderete (bass), Jon Theodore (drums) and Ikey Owens (keyboards). Classifying them within a musical genre or style is so difficult, that even they do not worry about doing it themselves, TMV (The Mars Volta) thus become pioneers of a new musical structure. – The Mars Volta Discography 320 kbps

General Information

Country: United States
Genre(s) Progressive Rock / Experimental Rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 3.9 Gigabyte
Container: RAR
Container: Google Drive, Mega & Uploaded
Band’s Info: The Mars Volta Facebook

The Mars Volta Discography Content List


de-loused in the comatorium [2003 – UR 986046-0] Frances The Mute [2005 – B0004129-02] Scabdates [2005 – B0005644-02] Amputechture [2006 – B0007214-02] The Bedlam In Goliath [2008 – 1772505] Octahedron [2009 – WBR 519384-2] Noctourniquet [2012 – WPCR-14440] Unreleased [2013 -No cat#]

EPs, singles

Tremulant EP [2003 – GSL54] Live [2003 – B0001844-02] Televators [2003 – MarsCDP2] Promo EP [2003 – No cat#] inertiatic esp [2003 – UniR 981 100-1] televators [2004 – UniR 986 169-3] televators [2004 – UniR 986 196-8] Televators [2004 – UniR 21167-2] Live At The Electric Ballroom [2005 – CDP 201603] The Widow [2005 – UniR 988 055-3] L’Via L’Viaquez [2005 – UniR 988 349-4] Frances The Mute [2005 – UniR 21484-2] Viscera Eyes [2006 – MarsVCD01] Wax Simulacra [2008 – UniR 175 754-2] Mr. Muggs [2008 – UniR 21999-7] Candy And A Currant Bun [2008 – Univ X] Since We’ve Been Wrong [2009 – No cat#] Tremulant EP [Remastered] [2014 – No cat#]



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