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Captain Beyond Discography Download MEGA 320kbps (1972 – 2017)

ABOUT Captain Beyond

Captain Beyond was an American rock band, founded in 1971. The band consisted of Rod Evans, former lead singer of Deep Purple; Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt on guitar and Lee Dorman on bass, both from Iron Butterfly; and Bobby Caldwell on drums, who came from Johnny Winter’s band.

They settled in Los Angeles (California), where they signed with the Capricorn label to release their first album of the same name. This LP, of great quality, did not have a great media impact, as it was structured as an album, which made it difficult for radio stations to broadcast it.

To this was added the lack of promotion by the record company, which meant that it did not have excessive sales, despite its quality and the excellent design of its cover. The low sales caused Bobby Caldwell to leave the project, being replaced by Marty Rodriguez. At the same time, Reese Wynans on keyboards and Guille Garcia on percussion joined the band.

General Information

Country: United States
Genre(s) Hard Rock, Progressive rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.19 Gigabytes
Container: RAR
Band’s Info: Captain Beyond Facebook

Captain Beyond’s Albums Mp3

Captain Beyond Albums

1972 – Captain Beyond (vinyl-rip) | 00:34:53
1972 – Captain Beyond (1990) | 00:35:18
1973 – Sufficiently Breathless (vinyl-rip) | 00:33:31
1973 – Sufficiently Breathless (Rem. 1998) | 00:33:21
1977 – Dawn Explosion (vinyl-rip) | 00:38:06
1977 – Dawn Explosion (1996) | 00:37:57
1977 – Dawn Explosion (Rem. 2008) | 00:38:01
2000 – Night Train Calling (EP) | 00:19:14
2017 – Lost & Found 1972-1973 | 00:29:51

Captain Beyond Live

1972-04-30 – Jazz Festival, Montreux (2016) | 00:21:34
1972-07-30 – Central Park, New York City (2019) | 00:29:55
1973-10-06 – University of Texas, Arlington (2013) | 01:07:14
1973 – Far Beyond A Distant Sun (2002) | 01:07:14


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